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  • : University Professor in Economy and Management, French Agregation graduated, tournament organizer for business management training

Welcome, participants, to the Visual-Strat  business game!

During the next few days, you will essentially live with the company for which you are responsible, in a fun, simulated learning environment.

This website is dedicated to you. Your target, as the manager of a motorcycle manufacturing company, is to become the market leader and to compete against your competitors to capture new market share. 

This newspaper allows you to access to the information needed for decision making and the resulting interpretation, beginning with the user guide. It gives information about the scenario (events taking place during the game) and presents general items related to the evolution of your product and the economic sector.

We wish you a good simulation

The Organizational Team

Par Sophie Descotes


This information will be provided free of charge at the first period


Use your name and temporary password, then click on DECISIONS, located at the top of the screen.

This study covers the global market, and the unit figures are in thousands.

This study has been planned for a 350 000 € advertising budget and a 9000 € motorcycle price for the European market.

The estimation for the North American market is based on a 400 000 € advertising budget and a 9500 € motorcycle price.

In the following periods, the study will cost 500 000 € but will give you information about your competitors’ performances.


Par Sophie Descotes

Check to make sure you have all the information, and download the documents from the following links. Your instructor will give you the name of the company and a temporary password. This name must be modified and personalized in the first period. Do not choose a name that is too long or too complicated, as you will have to enter it at each connection. You will not be able to change it afterward, to ensure that each team can identify its competitors. The password can be changed at any time.

The Information Sheet contains all the information, apart from the market study, needed to make the first decision.

The Excel file allows you to prepare your decisions, check whether you have the production capacity you need, and ensure that you do not sell at a loss. It also allows you to identify your mistakes according to the results. This file contains macros you have to activate on your computer.

The website,, is where you will enter your decisions and look at your results. Please note that this website is limited in terms of capacity. To avoid long wait times, use only one connection per team at the same time. Try to spread out your data input as well as your connection times to view results.


Par Sophie Descotes















  • Visual-Strat English version
  • : The management simulations are used in many training sessions. They give participants the experience of a real-life situation, and they encourage teamwork. Internet blogs are an ideal complementary communication channel, because they can mix real-world events with the scenario to make the information and results accessible to everyone. This community aims to create a common library for all instructors and tournament organizers.
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